Vitamix 5300

Convenient and powerful 5300, with a 64-ounce, low-profile container and a 2.2 HP motor fits easily under the majority of cabinets.

Top Features and Peculiarities of the Vitamix 5300

Irrespective of its condition, both new and refurbished, the blender comes with identically exclusive features that include:

  • High performance 2.3 HP motor. Being equipped with a powerful 2.3 HP motor, the blender can process the toughest of components and won’t set you back in the most inappropriate moment. But even with such a powerful motor capacity, the blender works much quieter than its similar counterparts.
  • Easy-to-use variable speed control. To achieve maximum flexibility, the blender is equipped with a variable speed dial, which is easily adjusted and changed before and during the blender usage. Either smoothest of vegetable purees or the chunkiest of salsas can be adjusted into desirable texture, suiting your needs.
  • 4-inch blades of stainless steel. The blender comes with stainless steel hammer mill, laser-cut and cutting blades that are used to achieve a consistent mixture.
  • Low profile 64-ounce container. A large 64-ounce container of the blender gives you an exclusive opportunity to make more than enough for every member of the family.

How Powerful Is Vitamix 5300?

Regardless of the ingredients you put into the Vitamix 5300, the top-notch blender is more than capable of blending and crushing it. The only fact of 2.3 HP motor gives all the evidences that the blender is comparatively more “powerful” than usual blenders you have used before. It has 50/60 Hz, 11.5 Amps and 120 voltages. This capacity means that the machine will not set you back even when you use it a couple of times daily, and that’s a perfect thing especially when your lifestyle presupposes constant blending of vegetables, fruits and nuts into purees and smoothies all the time. Besides, the high power will make it work even when you wish to use it commercially.

The Vitamix 5300 Customers’ Reviews

There’s no doubt the Vitamix 5300 is an incredible option, though it’s worth taking into account the comments of previous customers and users of the blender. Looking through customer’s feedback will generally approve the advantageous functions of the blender, especially by those who have used this machine for a considerably long time. The Vitamix 5300is rated 4.7 from 5 possible stars on Amazon that serves an indicator of dependable quality and high performance of the blender. The exclusive feature of the pulse setting of the Vitamix 5300 makes customers happy and eases their lives. This peculiarity allows them to adjust the blender to right setting and speed, depending on the ingredients you want to process. Such flexibility is appreciated by the vast majority of users, especially because diverse settings are necessary to achieve various kinds of blends. Thus, whether you’re crushing almonds or making a vegetable soup, you can choose the pulse setting accordingly. Additionally, the Vitamix 5300 is a compact blender, takes up little space and is easy to store. Besides, the blender makes less noise than its counterparts.

Are you in search of the best price? The new Vitamix 5300 is around $479 – and normally Vitamix very seldom has discounts. However, right now a completely NEW model is just $399.

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